Halberd’s Quest pt. 1

“Yeah yeah, Nice. Ritck sounds fun,” Wonid said, “But here’s a real story!”

Captain Halberd had travelled far and wide for the Island of Crab Sausage. It is said that in a shrine in the forest of forests, there is told of legend of a recipe for sausage made of Crab meat, that could cure any sickness. Halberd’s mother was sick i bed, and he decided to search for the Crab Sausage. His other crew mates were Harry, Jack, Elly, and Banana.
“I see land! Land ho!” Jack called from the Crow’s Nest.
“I got wheel turned straight towards that island!” Harry said.
“I think this is it! THIS IS IT!” Elly called.
“The legend is true! Crab Sausage Fiesta!!” Banana.


When the ship docked that night, they set camp. Banana made hot dogs.
“MMMM! This is delicous!” Halberd said.
But they did not know that they were not alone…
T O B E C O N T I N U E D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


The Creation of Ritck

“Well, since it’s my turn,” Ustel said, “I will start the legend of Ritck, starting with 

Part One – Piece One:

The Creation of Ritck

On Cloud 8,  the cloud where everything is good, Hetig, god of Cloud 8, decided to balance the world of Cloud 8, and decided to create Ritck, the Trickster, the demigod with many names. Ritck’s first possession was as his first name, Cheat. Cheat went to the casino NO-ONE-LOSES! Cheat then went to a poker game, with aces up his sleeve. And the way NO-ONE-LOSES’s poker worked is that everyone got bad cards. But Cheat switched his hand with the aces, causing unfair tricks on the players. He then left and went to a pharmacy, which had rats. To the owners, it was just fine, because the traps would catch them. But Cheat could not trick them so he turned into Prank, his second name. Prank went into the aisle where the rats were, and removed the traps, tricking the store,”

“Wait, wait, wait! Can I give a suggestion on the next name! It’s…”

To Be Continued…

Also, comment for the next name of Ritck! 



Since Quawrat was the storyteller of food (and a very good chef) he was nominated Cook of Cloud 19, and also the job had the cook announce eating times.
After Indino’s Pea-pod story, Quawrat made breakfast, the helper of the meal was…


Bedes, the happy storyteller!

Bedes and Quawrat made Cloudcakes (Quawrat’s signature dish; round, puffy, and thin cakes) with mango juice and cow milk drinks and Paperyup (paper thin, solid syrup). And some tellers had specials they made too, like:

Vedil’s Vegetarian Bacon (Made of shredded veggies!)


Kelas’s Mystery Waffles (You can get apples, blueberry, and more!)


And The Storyteller Special (a dish made by the last storyteller who told a story, and has the theme of the last story too!), Indino’s Pea-pod Puree.

“But wait!” Ustel said, in between mouthfuls of Veggie Bacon, “It’s my turn!”



Sandy Pea-pods

“Well, it was kinda grim,” Indino said, “But hey! Its my turn! I’ve been thinking, and it’s finally done! It called…

Sandy Pea-pods

A farmer lived on the beach. He grew peas on the near by plains. The farmer didn’t put any type of security on his plot, except a scarecrow.

On night, a travelling thief came upon the farmer’s plot. That day, the farmer planted fresh seeds, which already were growing. The thief took the fresh seeds, and hid in the trees, making a small sleeping bag. The next morning the farmer saw his plot and wondered why they were not growing, and he planted more. The thief did as he did the night before. The farmer then wondered again, and planted more. While the poor farmer was digging small holes for his seeds, he found a lamp. The farmer, seeing it was dusty, (and did not like dust at all) rubbed the lamp. Then he herd a voice. 

“You have released the voice of Nature. I will give you two wishes,” the voice said.

“I want my crops to grow, and and to stop my crops from being ruined!” the farmer said.

“Okay it will come at a cost,”

And the thief did not hear any of it, because he was selling the seeds at the market.

And over night, the pea stalks grew high, and plentiful with pea-pods.

The next morning, the farmer saw his crops were fine, at the tops.

And when the thief went to the market, nobody wanted any of his pea-pods, because the cost that farmer would pay to stop the thief, was that the voice of nature would make his pea-pods sandy!


“Nice,” Ustel said, “But it’s my –“

“Wait! It’s time for breakfast!” Quawrat said!

To Be Continued!


Steam engines of the sea

Once the twelve storytellers of Cloud 19 woke up they started their usual routine:

Wake Up (Check!)

Each tell stories


Tell more stories


Tell stories




(also for more awesome stuff, check out my friends blog, Herford and Melly, and my moms, The Hungry Artist). 

“Hey guys remember! Today’s my turn!” Freter said crazily.

“Yes, we all remember,” Gravel said.

“Okay! This one’s called…”


Steam Engines of the Sea

     One day, in Cloud 1 (a.k.a. Earth) an engineer’s son was going across the sea to go to war.

But of course, he didn’t want him to go.

“No, son! I will not let you go!”

“But dad, if you miss me, I will write letters when I can, I promise.”



So the father let him go, across the sea in a jet. But the son did not write back. The engineer wanted to build a plane to see him again, but all he could build was a steam engine. He decided to build a floating train, so he could drive to his son. When he was done, he packed up, said goodbye to his wife, drove off to sea. It took him two months to get there, but he did. And his son

was dead.



“Ummmm” Indino said, “Kinda grim,”


By the way, Comment on what you want the next story to be!

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Welcome to Cloud 19

On Cloud 19, it was always a story. What Cloud 19 looked like was a cloud (of course), The Everlasting Campfire (or TEC for short), and about twelve identical tents in a circle around TEC. (Sidenote: TEC can talk. Just be aware),
“WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Come on guys! Wake. UP!” TEC screamed as loud as a living fire sprit can.
“Jeez, TEC. Why so early?” Freter said.

You know who Freter is right?

Oops! Sorry! I forget to tell you the storytellers of Cloud 19!
1. Freter, who tells stories of travel. 2. Indino, who tells stories of earth. 3. Ustel, who tells stories of tricks. 4. Wonid, who tells stories of adventure. 5. Kelas, who tells stories of mystery. 6. Ryhen, who tells stories of history. 7. Vedil, who tells stories of animals. 8. Jegwis, who tells stories of sadness. 9. Gravel (the talking tiger), who tells stories of magic. 10. Quawrat, who tells stories of food. 11. Bedes, who tells stories of happiness. 12. TEC, (yes, him.), who tells stories of comfort.


“Jeez, TEC. Why so early?” Freter said.
“Because the new watcher is getting use to Cloud 19, and he should get welcomed!”
“Sorry. But, WELCOME!”

End Thing:

Watch back later!